The Triangle of Health is composed of non-profit organizations, the media and the community.

We at Ayeneh Foundation believe that a united and constructive presence of non-profit institutions, the media as guardians of the society, and the members of the community, i.e. the people, is the only way to fight and prevent social harms, because no harm can be eradicated by the will of a single institution or individual. Reaching a healthy society and thus a healthy world requires the solidarity and integration of our collective abilities.

The Nonprofit Organizations

Community building and future building are in the hands of those who thrive on being useful and not important. The direction and focus of the compass of each non-profit organization’s ability can be instrumental in the creation of unity, and the empowerment of the collective power of non-profit organizations, in the quest to eradicate our common pains.


  1. Declaration of solidarity of non-profit organizations.
  2. The active participation of the representatives of these organizations in educational programs to inform and empower society.

The Media

The media can be a very effective tool not only in reflecting facts and realities, but also in teaching and brining awareness regarding the principles of human rights and the nature of social harms. Empowered by solidarity, the media can familiarize the society with the goals and resources of responsible non-profit organizations and play a significant role in the intellectual and social empowerment of citizens.


We invite all the written, audio and visual media, which are indeed the guardians of the society, to declare solidarity in action and not just in words, and to embrace the philosophy that the eradication of common pains is only possible with empowering the society with education, and that the promotion of solidarity is the only path to create a healthy world.

The Community

All of us are capable of playing a constructive role in our destiny and that of our society. Therefore, it is upon each and every one of us to choose to be a productive member of society when it comes to eradicating our common social harms. Demanding and implementing the principles of democracy requires a performance based on the philosophy of solidarity, freedom, social justice, and the participation of all citizens.


Let’s focus on unity and not division. Let’s stand together in a common front for solidarity, a common front composed of a myriad of political, social and cultural spectrums, with a rainbow of different ethnicities, beliefs and cultures with a common goal of creating a healthier world for all.