Community Outreach

Human Rights

To increase awareness and education with regard to understanding the principles of human rights and creating unity and educating those who wish to be solutionaries in search of a free and healthy society.

“Exercise Freedom” Campaign

Denying people, children or adults, their liberty suppresses their development and the opportunity to realize their full potential. That’s why we care about freedom. Freedom drives human progress: It empowers individual autonomy and responsibility. We believe that the only way freedom really works is when it is responsibly exercised. Bringing awareness about human rights is a key purpose and guiding principle of our foundation.

Echoing the Plight of the Refugees

Our exclusive documentaries depict the crisis of the refugees which include war, human rights violations and economic hardships they endure in their struggle to seek refuge and survive.

Istanbul Protocol

To facilitate the transmission of the forms, we have created a secure special website to circumvent the limitations implemented via filtering, etc.

M.A.H.S.A. Alliance

To provide vital assistance to all those who are injured and/or hurt physically and/or mentally by the oppressors during the uprising/protests we have set up a free phone line and have gathered a team of health care providers, consisting of doctors and nurses worldwide who volunteer in providing assistance to all those who reach out for help.


Tree Planting

Ayeneh Foundation started a worldwide tree planting campaign in 2014 where everyone, especially all those who recover from the disease of addiction, as a symbolic gesture plants a young tree for two purposes:

  • To celebrate his own life’s rejuvenation.
  • To help mother earth and the environment.



Yaran Zamin

To fight for the future of our planet and a more sustainable and healthy future in 2019 Ayeneh implemented a project related to the recovery of the environment by volunteers which include: waste collection on beaches and mountains, reforestation of deforested areas, cleaning up the beaches, etc.



Children of Labor

Over 70 million children around the world work in hazardous conditions, Child labour can result in extreme bodily and mental harm, and even death. It can lead to slavery and sexual or economic exploitation, and in nearly every case, it cuts children off from schooling and health care, restricting their fundamental rights and threatening their futures.

By assisting schools in impoverished communities and/or areas harmed by environmental disasters, and by donating these children school supplies, educational books about the nature of social harms and art supplies among other tools, we hope to provide children with an opportunity to experience the joys of childhood.

Educational Events

The goal of our educational seminars, conferences and school presentations has been to increase awareness, education and prevention with regards to such social harms as the international disease of addiction and most of its related side effects.

These events are organized throughout the world and are open to public. Our panel of presenters include specialists as well as victims of social harms who have successfully overcome their hardships.



The power of reading helps to develop inference and deduction and comprehension skills. It improves your knowledge of the world and empowers you with more awareness. It can open minds to different ideas which may challenge our own and cause us to view things in a different light. It can improve brain and memory function and allow you to become more aware of common harms that impact you and the world around you. Reading also enhances connectivity in the brain, reduces stress and promotes relaxation. As Margaret Fuller said: ” Today a reader, tomorrow a leader”.


Triangle of Health

The Triangle of Health is composed of non-profit organizations, the media and the community.

We at Ayeneh Foundation believe that a united and constructive presence of non-profit institutions, the media as guardians of the society, and the members of the community, i.e. the people, is the only way to fight and prevent social harms, because no harm can be eradicated by the will of a single institution or individual. Reaching a healthy society and thus a healthy world requires the solidarity and integration of our collective abilities.