Ayeneh Media

Ayeneh TV

Our goal as an independent, nonpolitical, nonreligious and educational media is to increase awareness, education and prevention with regards to social harms and encourage the creation of a triangle of health whereby people, nonprofit organizations and the media industry unite to empower worldwide communities with knowledge.

What Ayeneh TV is trying to do

  • Creation of educational programs and public service announcements.
  • Providing a free platform to other nonprofit organizations to educate the public regarding their humanitarian resources.
  • Unite specialists in different areas to empower worldwide communities with knowledge about the nature of and treatments for a myriad of social harms.

Hambastegi TV

To increase awareness and education with regard to understanding the principles of human rights, democracy, mutual respect, constructive communication and solidarity, with the goal of bringing awareness and education with regards to the rationale and step-by-step processes of creating unity and educating those who wish to be solutionaries in search of a free and healthy society.

What Hambastegi TV is trying to do

  • Research existing problems.
  • Identify the underlying causes of problems.
  • Find leverage points for solving problems.
  • Collaborate on solutions that are constructive in reaching a free and healthy society.